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2-day Introductory Workshop

Think of this as a REAL ESTATE 101 course. Everyone needs to start somewhere right? Don’t you hate it when you go to a workshop only to find they give you just enough to wet your whistle but not enough actionable items to go out there and run with? We pride ourselves in giving you the information you’ll need to actually hit the ground running. In this workshop you will learn the foundation pieces to building your wealth in the real estate business. Learning the basics of real estate investing from A-Z and everything in-between. This course is recommended for the novice real estate investor who is looking to LEVEL UP their wealth game. Techniques such as 5-Day Sale, Wholesaling, Credit Strategies, Fix and Flip, Repair budgets/formulas and much more to help you SAFELY and effectively get your start in real estate investing. Safety is our number one priority. We ALWAYS want to be sure our investors know how to invest wisely and most importantly risk free!


Elite Flip Intensive Training

The Elite Flip Intensive Training geared toward the serious investor who is ready to build true sustainable wealth through the fix and flip model. In this intensive training we will be taking you out into the field showing you HANDS ON, how to analyze properties. There is no better way to learn then hands on. The properties we will be showing you can be purchased right then and there if desired. We will show you how to analyze these properties from top to bottom through our fail safe proven system with formulas and necessary documentation to execute the transaction. We work closely with hand picked realtors and lending firms. We stick with you until you complete your first transaction no questions asked. We don’t make our money until you do! Win-win solutions are what we are all about!


1 on 1 Coaching

LEVEL UP your revenue, free time & fulfillment... quickly! Would you like to: Generate rapid, profitable growth to fund your desired lifestyle? Make your business run without you, so you have the freedom to choose how to spend your time? Stay sane, focused & fulfilled despite the challenges that life in business throws at you? If so, you'll need to develop the right entrepreneurial mindset and skill-set to build true sustainable wealth! THAT'S WHERE WE STEP IN! Our 1:1 coaching program guides you through a customized wealth-building process, with an expert coach to support you & keep you accountable for achieving your goals. This program includes: 1:1 business coaching session. You'll set up an agreed upon schedule of personal 1:1 session with one of our expert business coaches to give you laser-focused business guidance & hard-hitting accountability. Live workshops on various topics such as fix and flips, long term rental properties, Airbnb’s/Vrbo’s/vacation rentals, wholesaling and MORE! Live in field training walking you through properties you can buy right then and there, as well as showing you how to analyze properties and make them the most profitable for your business hands on.


Step 1:Free strategy session Access a free 30 min (no-obligation) strategy session to assess your business, provide practical advice and determine a plan for where to focus your energies to achieve your goals. If you haven't done this yet, access it here now.

Step 2:Choose your coaching schedule Depending on how fast you want to go, you can choose our intensive program (2 x 8-10-hour workshops) our fast-track program (4 x 1 hour sessions p/month over 12 weeks) or our standard program (2 x 1 hour sessions p/month over 24 weeks).

Step 3:Begin your coaching. We'll commence our coaching sessions via online meeting technology, so you can participate from wherever you are. All you'll need is a computer/phone with a camera, a mic and a decent internet connection. In each zoom meeting, we'll introduce a new element of the program and begin its application as well as answer any questions. Between meetings, you’ll complete various tasks to apply it to your business - and you'll have unlimited access to your coach via email and our private Facebook group for any questions.


Wholesale Training

One of the best ways to get started in real estate investing is wholesale buying because it typically requires no capital or cash on your part. In a wholesale deal, you obtain a property under contract below its market value. You then assign your interest in the contract to another buyer for a fee. Done correctly, wholesale buying allows you to quick-turn properties into CASH!

This powerful training will show you ways to locate, evaluate and negotiate for wholesale properties in some of the nation's most dynamic markets, as well as how to apply this knowledge to properties right in your own backyard.

  • Wholesale Objectives Identifying the key parts of wholesaling real estate.
  • Understanding the benefits of using wholesaling as an exit strategy.
  • Finding buyers to purchase your wholesale deals
  • Building a database of buyers
  • Using marketing & advertising tools to find deals
  • Identifying sellers among various referral sources
  • Formulating the Maximum Purchase Price (MPP) to ensure you do not overpay for a property
  • Using clauses in your contracts to minimize risk
  • Marketing & advertising deals to find buyers
  • Controlling the transaction by providing lending sources to potential buyers
  • Qualifying & negotiating with buyers
  • Using an assignment & a double closing to increase your success
  • Networking with HML to find the cash you need
  • These real-world strategies and tools, coupled with top-notch instruction, provide both an eye-opening and energizing experience. If real estate entrepreneurship is what you seek, Wholesale Buying is a must


    Lease Option Training

    Step – by - step action plan on EXACTLY how to get started with real estate and scale a massive empire by acquiring properties through creative means (no money down in many cases) and offering the properties on the back end through the powerful lease option strategy. This course is action packed in a step – by - step format on exactly how to acquire a property and transfer the property as a lease option, giving you huge profits along the way. This course will supercharge your real estate investing skills, knowledge, and experience to scale a cash flowing real estate portfolio. Lease options allow you to buy properties without using any of your personal cash and credit. This elite training can give you the ability to enjoy all the upside benefits of owning property without many of the downside risks and hassles.

    Lease Option Learning Objectives

  • Creating wealth using the seven forms of options
  • Buying properties by locating and interacting with flexible property owners
  • Using effective marketing messages to attract tenant buyers
  • Recognizing the 3 profit centers of a sandwich lease option
  • Quickly setting up streams of income
  • Assembling the proper paperwork of a profitable lease option deal
  • Exploring the specific due diligence necessary to finalizing a lease option agreement with a seller
  • Maximizing your profits when you sell by setting up a network of hungry buyers
  • Calculating & realizing profits in the ever changing conditions of any local market
  • Exploring the use of the simultaneous closing process to exit a sandwich lease option
  • Evaluate your progress as a creative investor through practical role playing exercises

    Discovering the secrets of making money on properties you control, but do not own in this training, you'll discover solid strategies and a step-by-step system on ways to buy and control property with little to no money down using the lease option method. We'll also show you how you can cash in your lease option properties to unlock profits for yourself as soon as you step out the door.

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    Short/long Rentals Training

    Whether you want to be a rentalprenuer or a vacation rental boss this training is for you! LUWA will show you how to maximize your profits while minimizing your risk making a healthy passive residual income along the way. Let’s not the forget the future appreciation you’ll experience on the backend. Short/Long term rental properties are the bread and butter of the real estate business Learn the do’s and dont’s of being a landlord/property owner. Learn how to keep your vacation rental booked up a year in advance creating a nice piece of mind for you and your pocket book. Learn the secrets to getting 5-star ratings in AirBNB/VRBO/TripAdvisor and more.

    With years of practice we’re confident to provide you with the following expert advice:

  • Creating the perfect Airbnb profile
  • Showcase your skills or expertise to cope with the competition
  • Finding the best practice to increase the potential to earn
  • Generate more targeted rental leads
  • Build a trusted relationship with your leads
  • Nurture leads to get them ready to book
  • Close more bookings online or on the phone
  • Upsell insurance policies and concierge services
  • Reactivate leads who inquired but did not book
  • Generate repeat business
  • And much more!

    Sky’s the limit to your earning potential! Book this training today!

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